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The Most Popular Rookie Cards To Collect

Derrick Rose Rookie Cards. A very nice investment!

May 24, 2011- Derrick Rose rookie cards may be the hottest thing going on eBay these days. With the Chicago Bulls battling it out with the Miami Heat right now in the 2011 Eastern Conference Finals, Derrick Rose is getting maximum exposure.

Plus, you factor in the year he had in 2010-11, it is no wonder that basketball card collectors are shelling out major cash for almost any of Derrick Rose's 2008-09 rookie cards. And oh yeah, did I mention that Rose was the NBA MVP for the 2010-11 season? That helps too.

If Derrick Rose and his Chicago Bulls should somehow get past the Miami Heat and advance to the NBA Finals, who knows how much his rookie cards could be worth!!?? But, he has LeBron standing in his way right now. Game #3 is in Miami tonight with the Heat leading the series 2-1 as I type this.

Freddie Freeman Rookie Cards Heating Up.

March 10, 2011-It seems lately that the Atlanta Braves always have a hot rookie coming out of spring training. Last year it was Jason Heyward and this year everybody is talking about their big, young first baseman Freddie Freeman.

Freeman is batting .485 through eight games for Atlanta and it appears he may start the 2011 baseball season with the big club rather than the Minor Leagues. And baseball collectors have taken notice as they are gobbling up Freddie Freeman rookie cards off eBay.

One of Freddie Freeman rookies that is doing well is his 2007 Bowman Chrome Draft #BDPP12 as well as his other hot issues like the 2009 Bowman Chrome auto Freddie Freeman card. Could these Freeman rookies heat up just like Heyward's last year? Who knows, but one thing for sure is he looks like he will be a solid Major Leaguer just like his buddy Jason Heyward.

The Braves also have a few other hot rookie prospects coming out of spring training and they are both pitchers this time. Julio Teheran is actually the Braves top prospect but it looks like he won't be with the big club until mid-season, according to the story here. The other Atlanta Braves pitching prospect is Arodys Vizcaino and he is having a solid spring. With the start of the 2011 baseball season only about 20 days away, it will be fun to watch what next big rookie star will light up the baseball card collecting world. And, right now anyway, Freddie Freeman has the spotlight on him.

2010 Bowman Baseball Wrapper Redemption Black Border Rookie Cards

February 18, 2011- After much waiting, I finally got my 2010 Bowman wrapper redemption packs in the mail yesterday. I was hoping for a 1/1 Bryce Harper or another big hit. But it wasn't to be! The only "Hit" that I got was a Stephen Strasburg 2010 Bowman Black Border wrapper redemption card #BP1.

Only time will tell if any of these other cards will be worth anything in the future. Besides the Strasburg, here are the other cards that I got in the Bowman redemption packs. Joseph Cruz card #BP15, Jon Gaston card #BP8, Rex Brothers card #BP92, Tommy Mendonca card #BP29, David Lough card #BP107, Patrick Schuster card #BP97, Leandro Castro card #BP53, Yowill Espinal card #BP84, CJ Retherford card #BP69, Casey Crosby card #BP20, Jhan Marinez card #BP31, Adam Wilk card #BP58, Michael Wing card #BP86, Alexia Amarista card #BP98, Bo Greenwell card #BP71, Charlie Leesman card #BP54, Alexander Colome card #BP43, Rashun Dixon card #BP42 and finally, Julio Teheran card #BP105.

You can view scans of all the cards listed above by clicking here.

Blake Griffin Rookie Cards Are Blazing Hot!!

January 28, 2011-Blake Griffin rookie cards are going crazy on eBay right now. The number one pick of the 2009 NBA draft is lighting it up for the Los Angeles Clippers this year.

Having sat out all of the 2009-10 NBA season due to an injury, Blake Griffin is officially playing his rookie campaign this year. And boy is he ever playing well! Griffin is averaging 22.6 points per game and he's pulling down 12.8 rebounds per contest as well.

He is becoming a highlight machine with his spectacular dunks and he seems to always be on ESPN's Top 10 plays every night. Basketball card collectors everywhere are investing in Blake Griffin rookie cards and right now, it is a slam dunk!

Click here to see some of the crazy prices that collectors are paying for Blake Griffin rookie cards.

My Pulls From Two Boxes Of 2009-10 Panini Limited Basketball

December 6, 2010-I busted opened two boxes of 2009-10 Panini Limited basketball over the weekend and here is what I pulled. I was, of course, looking to pull a Tyreke Evans, Blake Griffin or Stephen Curry rookie card but that didn't happen for me. But I did pull a few good ones, not great though.

I pulled a 2009-10 Panini Limited Devin Harris "Material Monikers" auto card numbered 3/5. Not bad I guess. A few others I pulled were a 2009-10 Panini Limited De Juan Blair rookie "Phenoms" Jersey Auto card numbered 179/299, a 2009-10 Panini Limited Brandon Roy "Team Trademarks" jersey card numbered 61/99 and a 2009-10 Panini Limited Terrence Williams rookie "Phenoms" Auto card numbered 155/299.

I also opened a box of 2005-06 Topps Chrome basketball and I pulled a Deron Williams "Chosen One" Authentic Player-Worn Jersey card numbered 239/400. And finally, I opened a box of 2008 Stadium Club football and I pulled a 2008 Topps stadium Club "Impact" Triple Relic card of Brian Brohm, Rashard Mendenhall and DeSean Jackson. You can view scans of all the cards listed above by clicking here.

Lucky Collector Hits A John Wall 2010-11 Panini Limited Numbered 1/1!!!

December 1, 2010-Have you ever dreamed of getting that big "Pull" out a pack of sports cards? I know I have and I'm sure every card collector has the same dream. Well, the dream turned to reality for one lucky collector recently. The lucky gentleman pulled a John Wall 2010-11 Panini Limited 4 Patch Rookie Auto numbered to 1/1!! He opened several cases of different basketball card product and had some other really nice pulls as well. He pulled several beautiful Kevin Durant rookie auto patches as well. You can view the video by clicking here.

November 17, 2010-Well, I just got my 2010 Bowman Chrome baseball boxes in the mail last week. I pre-ordered these two boxes back in June 2010. And man did I ever take a hit in the wallet. I paid $84 per box and now they are selling on eBay for around $40. OUCH!

Back when I ordered these boxes, Stephen Strasburg was hotter than a firecracker. But a lot has changed since then. Like Strasburg blowing out his arm and having to have Tommy John surgery. And who knows how good he will be now? We won't know for a while because he won't be pitching in the Majors again until the 2012 baseball season. God I hope he is not another Mark Prior.

The 2010 Bowman Chrome also took a hit because of production. It appears that Topps let the presses run a while on this product. But I will say this, they are nice looking cards. I was gonna just hold onto these boxes and not open them. But then I got to thinking even if I did hang onto them I would still not get my money back for what I paid for them. So I must say I had fun busting these!

They are nice looking cards and I got a few good ones. I scanned a few of them and you can see them by clicking here and here.

A few of the highlights that I got were a 2010 Bowman Chrome Stephen Strasburg "RC" card #205, a 2010 Bowman Chrome Jason Heyward "RC" card #190. Also got a 2010 Bowman Chrome Mike Stanton "RC" card #198. I also got a few autos in the boxes as you can see in the scans. I have no idea who these players are or if they will ever even see a Major League field but you never know. It's always a crap-shoot when it comes to rookie cards of unproven players. You will also see in the scans that I accidently included a 2007 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects Madison Bumgarner rookie card #BDPP61. I didn't mean to group this one in with 2010 Bowman Chrome but I opened a few 2007 Bowman Draft too. The Bumgarner is a nice card as it is a blue refractor that is numbered to 199. Last month I wouldn't have been too excited about the Bumgarner card but he pitched "Lights-Out" in the 2010 World Series for the Giants. And he looks like he will be good.

Aroldis Chapman Makes His Major League Debut. Dominates The Brewers.

August 31, 2010-The Cincinnati Reds finally called up there prized possession! The flame throwing 22 year old rookie Aroldis Chapman made his major league debut tonight against the Milwaukee Brewers. And the young Cuban was dominating as he hit 102 MPH on the radar gun. The Brewers could barely make contact off this kid as they struck out and hit two weak grounders in the one inning that Chapman pitched. As usual, Chapman's rookie cards are heating up again on eBay. Especially his 2009 Bowman Chrome and 2009 Donruss Elite auto rookie cards. Even the 2010 Bowman Aroldis Chapman cards are catching fire.

Jason Heyward Hits His Second Career Home Run In Braves Win Over The Giants

April 10, 2010-Jason Heyward was coming off his worst offensive performance of his young MLB career on friday night when he struck out 4 times against the San Francisco Giants. But the young man rebounded with an impressive game on saturday. Jason Heyward was 3 for 3 at the plate, including his second career homer and also had 2 singles and 2 walks with 2 RBI. And the Braves ended up beating the Giants 7-2. Heyward's homer came off of Giants pitcher Todd Wellemeyer. The Braves play the Giants again on sunday and it will be another test for Jason Heyward. He will get his first look at two-time Cy Young award winner Tim Lincecum. That will be a fun match up to watch. Jason Heyward vs. Tim Lincecum Part I. The Braves win was the first loss of the young 2010 season for the Giants. The Giants were 4-0 before taking it on the chin from Heyward and the Braves.

Tough Day For Jason Heyward

April 9, 2010-The Atlanta Braves were in San Francisco today to play the Giants. The game went 13 innings with the Giants winning 5-4 on an Aaron Rowand base hit. As for the Atlanta Braves young rookie Jason Heyward, well let's just say he had a game that he would like to forget about real fast. Jason Heyward had 5 at bats and he struck out 4 times. And he left 4 men on base. He did have a walk. The NL pitchers have caught onto Heyward and the young guy will have to adjust at the plate. And I believe he will because he is a special player, imo. Just one of those days for the kid.

Baseball Opening Day 2010

April 5, 2010-Opening day is here!! The Braves-Cubs game is on ESPN right now and Jason Heyward is in the lineup in his first official big league game. The kid must be feeling some pressure, right? He must be really nervous, right? WRONG! What does Jason Heyward do in his first big league at-bat? He crushes a three run home run on the first pitch. He hit it off of Carlos Zambrano of the Cubs. The Braves are leading 8-3 and it's only in the second inning. Heyward is making it look easy. But he will eventually have to adjust as the National League pitchers catch up to him and make adjustments. He won't be seeing too many meatball pitches like the one he got from Zambrano. But this kid will make adjustments of his own and he looks like a sure-fire big leaguer. Not a bad day for Jason Heyward in his Major League Debut as he ends up going 2-5 with a homer and 4 RBI with 2 runs scored. Below are photos from Jason Heyward's first home run day. Click here to watch the video of Jason Heyward's first Major League home run. Jason Heyward photos here.

March 26, 2010-Well, it is now official. Jason Heyward will start the 2010 baseball season with the big club, the Atlanta Braves, instead of the Minor Leagues. It was announced today and you can read it here. It was really not a surprise because Heyward tore it up in spring training. Now the question is, will Jason Heyward live up to all the hype? If he does, look for his rookie cards to start to take off during the 2010 season.

I guess I believe in the hype because I bought 4 boxes of 2007 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Baseball Hobby Boxes in the last week and a half. These boxes potentially contain Jason Heyward Bowman Chrome rookie cards. I'm just going to hold on to them and not even bust them open because I am curious to see if these boxes start heating up during the upcoming 2010 season. Click here for a review on the best Jason Heyward rookie cards on the market today.

March 2, 2010-The buzz coming out of spring training this season is the Atlanta Braves young, super prospect Jason Heyward. This kid looks like a beast and he is only 20 years old. ESPN's Jayson Stark reported this morning on Mike & Mike that whenever this kid comes up to bat during batting practice, everyone stops what they are doing to watch this kid take his swings. Stark also reported that the ball just jumps off of Heyward's bat. He said that he was launching moon shot homers over the fences at spring training.

Jason Heyward is 6'4" and weighs in at 220 pounds. And he's only 20 years old! Heyward was the 14th pick of the 2007 MLB June Amateur Draft. I had never heard of this kid until recently, it appears he has the look, and swing to be the next big super star in baseball. From what I've seen, his rookie cards are in 2007 baseball boxes and packs. Better get a few now before they sky-rocket in price. Although I think the word is out based on some of the prices I've seen on eBay for his RC. Click here to read what Atlanta Braves coach Bobby Cox and Braves third baseman Chipper Jones are saying about this kid Jason Heyward.

Back in 2001 Bowman Chrome Auto produced it's baseball card set. And they chose card #340 to be some skinny kid from the St. Louis Cardinals named Albert Pujols. In March of 2001, you probably could have bought this card for around $1.00. Today this 2001 Bowman Chrome AUTO Albert Pujols rookie card fetches thousands of dollars, depending on it's grade from PSA and BGS.

Look for this card to keep climbing and climbing in value as Pujols keeps putting huge hall-of-fame type numbers every year. The 2009 baseball season just ended two days ago. Let's take a look at Albert Pujols' numbers from the just ended baseball season.

Albert had 47 home runs, 135 RBI, a batting average of .327 and 124 runs scored. Simply amazing! So, you might want to pick up a few of Albert Pujols' rookie cards. You can't go wrong. Click here for a complete checklist of 2001 Albert Pujols rookie cards.

Ever since sports cards were first produced back in the 1930's, 40's, and 50's, rookie cards have been the most coveted cards in the industry. In 1952, the Topps company produced it's first baseball card set. That set is the holy grail and it features some of the greatest rookie cards of all time. Card #311 from that famous '52 Topps set is the rookie card of the great Mickey Mantle. This card generally sells for about $25,000-$30,000 in high PSA grades. Another great rookie card from the '52 Topps baseball set is card #261, which is the Willie Mays Topps rookie card. Mays had a card produced in 1951 by Bowman.

Other famous cards from the 1952 Topps set are Eddie Matthews, Pee Wee Reese, Roy Campanella, Bobby Thompson, Jackie Robinson, Larry Doby, Richie Ashburn, Yogi Berra, Billy Martin, Red Schoendienst, Bob Feller, Enos Slaughter, Duke Snider, Gil Hodges, Warren Spahn, Dom Dimaggio, Phil Rizzuto, and the popular Any Pafko #1 card.

To see the complete checklist of the 1952 Topps baseball card set, click here!

Back in 1998, the Indianapolis Colts had the #1 pick in the NFL draft. They were looking for a quarterback. They had to choose between Washington State QB Ryan Leaf or Tennessee QB Peyton Manning. They went with Peyton Manning. I think it's fair to say that they made the right

Ryan Leaf was drafted by the San Diego Chargers and turned out to be one of the biggest "BUSTS" in NFL history. He is now out of football because he was so god awful.

Meanwhile, Peyton has gone to have a super star NFL career and is one of the best quarterbacks to ever play pro football.

Let's look at Peyton Manning's career numbers shall we? As I type this article (10/21/09), He has 47,273 passing yards, 345 touchdowns, 3,972 pass completions out of 6,141 attempts. And these numbers keep rising every week as Peyton is having another MVP season in 2009.

And Peyton Manning's rookie cards are doing well, obviously. His best rookie card is his 1998 Playoff Contenders Ticket issue, and it has sold at some incredible prices. It recently sold for $9,000!

You can pick up some of Peyton Manning's other rookie cards that aren't quite as expensive. Like his Topps Chrome, Bowman Chrome, etc. But either way, Manning rookies are a good investment and should hold their value for years to come. Remember, Peyton Manning is a long way from retiring and if he continues to play at this level, he will most likely crush Dan Marino's all-time passing records.

Back in 1986, the Fleer company decided to produce a basketball card set. Back then the NBA was not as popular as it is today. In fact a lot of the NBA playoff games were tape delayed and aired late at night. Can you imagine that? Today the NBA is huge!

Anyways, back to the 1986-87 Fleer basketball set. Fleer decided to produce a very limited number of these sets due to the fact that really no one followed the NBA like they did the NFL and Major League baseball.

Well, having done that, Fleer has produced the most popular basketball card set of all time. That set is absolutely loaded with rookie cards of now hall-of-fame players. And we all know what card #57 is. It is the Michael Jordan rookie card!

Other famous rookie cards from that 86-87 Fleer basketball set are Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Joe Dumars, Hakeem Olajuwan, Patrick Ewing, Dominique Wilkins, Isiah Thomas, Clyde Drexler and Chris Mullin. Also some great early cards of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

If you can't afford Michael Jordan's rookie card, check out picking up his second and third year Fleer cards. They are very collectable and are nice copies of a young Michael. 1987-88 Fleer Michael Jordan and 1988-89 Fleer MJ.

The 2003 NBA draft could go down as one of the best drafts in NBA history. I can remember back in late 2002 everyone was talking about this high school kid in Ohio that was going to be the next big NBA superstar. I thought to myself "Yeaaahh, right!". Because I had heard that phrase "Next big NBA Superstar" so many times and it never pans out. Remember Harold Miner was supposed to be the "Next" Michael Jordan?! How did that pan out?

Well, anyway, this kid in Ohio was so hyped that I was intrigue. I mean, ESPN was showing his high school games on TV! Well, that skinny kid from Ohio turned out to be LeBron James.

And here we are nearly 7 years later and I have egg all over my face. Why? Because LeBron James was and is the "Next big NBA Superstar".

Here are LeBron's career numbers after the completion of the 2008-09 NBA season. He has 12,993 points, 3,159 assists, 830 steals, 405 blocks, and a whopping 27.5 points per game average!

Like I said above, the 2003 NBA draft could be the best. The reason being is there are a few other great players from that draft.

Dwyane Wade has become a superstar with the Miami Heat and he has something that LeBron doesn't. An NBA Championship from the 2005-06 NBA season.

Then there's Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, Chris Kaman, Kirk Hinrich, T.J. Ford, Mickael Pietrus, David West, Kyle Korver, and Josh Howard. About the only "BUST" of the 2003-04 NBA draft has been Darko Milicic. He has been awful and has not lived up to his hype.

The 2003-04 NBA basketball card sets are loaded with rookies and they are lead, of course, by LeBron James. Take your pick! Whether it's 2003-04 Topps Chrome, 2003-04 Topps Pristine, 2003-04 Topps Finest, 2003-04 SP Authentic, 2003-04 Upper Deck SPX and more, you can't go wrong because all of LeBron's rookie cards are highly collectable and should be for a long time!

If you are rich or have recently won the lottery, you should look into picking up a few of LeBron James's 2003-04 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection rookie cards. These are his premium, high end rookies and they will set you back a few thousand bucks!

The New York Yankees Derek Jeter is already considered to be the best shortstop in Major League history. With the 2009 baseball season just ending and the playoffs going on, Jeter just finished up another solid year as the Yankee captain.

Derek batted .334 with 18 home runs and 66 RBI. He also pounded out 212 hits. Jeter also passed Yankee legend Lou Gehrig for the most hits by a New York Yankees' player. Gehrig had 2,721 career hits for the Yanks. Jeter finished the 2009 season with 2,747 career hits. A true model of consitency for Derek. He will no doubt head straight to the hall-of-fame when his career is over.

As you can imagine, Jeter's rookie cards are big sellers. His rookie cards can be found in 1993 baseball card sets. Like his 1993 Topps #98 rookie card, and his 1993 Pinnacle #457 RC.

But the cream of the crop is the 1993 Upper Deck SP Derek Jeter rookie card #279. I can remember this card exploding in value back in 1996 when the New York Yankees won the World Series.

In that same 2001 Bowman Chrome baseball card set, there was another card produced that is very popular today. It is card #351. That card of course is the Ichiro Suzuki Bowman Chrome Rookie!

Ichiro just finished up another solid season for the Seattle Mariners. He had 225 hits and a .352 batting average, Ichiro set a Major League record this year as he collected 200 plus hits in a season for the 9th straight year.

He also collected his 2000th career hit during the 2009 baseball season. Ichiro now has 2,030 career hits since he came over to the states to play baseball.

Ichiro will no doubt be the first Japanese born player to be elected into baseball's hall-of-fame when his career is over. So, if you're thinking about picking up a few Ichiro rookie cards, go ahead, it will be a great investment.

The Minnesota Twins are playing a one game playoff against the Detroit Tigers right now as I type this. The winner goes on to play the New York Yankees in the 2009 baseball playoffs.

The Tigers and Twins ended the 2009 baseball season last sunday with identical records. That's why they are playing today.

Anyway, enough about that. The Twins have this kid catcher who is pretty! Of course I am talking about Joe Mauer. He is simply a hitting machine. Here are his numbers so far, not counting today's one game playoff game against the Tigers.

In the 2009 baseball season, Mauer is batting .364 with 28 home runs and 96 RBI. He also has 189 hits. Ooops, my bad, Mauer just got a hit in his first at bat against the Tigers so he now has 190.

Mauer's rookie cards can be found in 2002 baseball card sets. His cards will continue to climb in value so pick some up in the off season. You can't go wrong collecting this kid!

Brett Favre turns 40 years old in about 3 days! But you would never know it the way he is playing. Favre signed with the 2009 Minnesota Vikings in the off season and he has played phenomenal as he has the Vikings at 4-0.

Favre is coming off a huge 30-23 win a few days ago on Monday Night Football against his former team the Green Bay Packers.

Of course this has sparked a ton of interest in his rookie cards. Favre's rookie cards have always been good sellers but they are hot, hot, hot! Take a look at how many eBay auctions that are up for his rookie cards right now as I type this on October 7, 2009!

Brett Favre's most popular rookie card is his 1991 Topps Stadium Club #94 issue.

With the Minnesota Vikings and Brett Favre playing so well, look for the Favre rookie card to continue to sell well. Especially if the Vikings can go deep in the playoffs or even win the Super Bowl.

Hard to believe that it's now been 20 years since Pete Rose was banned from baseball for betting on his own team, the Cincinnati Reds. Pete Rose has the most hits in baseball history with 4,256 and a career batting average of .303. And yet Rose is not in the hall-of-fame.

I wasn't alive in 1963, but I sure wish I was because the 1963 Topps baseball card set is one of the best looking sets ever, in my opinion. And I'm sure I would have been buying a lot of packs if I were around then. And the rookie cards are really cool! They feature "MUG" shots of the players and the color combinations of the cards just jump out at you.

Of course, the Pete Rose rookie card #537 leads the way. I can remember when Rose broke the all-time hits record back on September 11, 1985. This card was the hottest rookie card to collect at that time. It's still a very sought after card. Hopefully, Bud Selig or the next baseball commissioner will lift Pete Rose's life time ban from baseball and put him in the hall-of-fame. He certainly deserves it. Pete once said "just think, if I was a drug addict, I would be in the hall-of-fame".

Back in 1981 i was a 14 year old kid collecting football cards. I remember the 1981 Topps football set very well and I remember buying tons of packs. I also remember that I probably had at least 10 1981 Topps Joe Montana #216 rookie cards. I lived in Fairfield, Ca at the time and I was a huge 49ers' fan. So I collected a lot of Niners players.

Now here is the part that I don't like to remember. I no longer have those Montana rookie cards . They got lost and thrown away through the years (Sound familiar?).

The Joe Montana rookie card is now one of the most recognized cards in the sports card industry. It represents the 1980's and the domination of the NFL by the San Francisco 49ers. Montana and the Niners won four Super Bowl titles and this card went through the roof as football cards started becoming more popular in the late 80's.

If only I could go back in time I would hoard those Montana rookies that I had. It could be worse though. Imagine the older guys of today that collected baseball cards back in 1952. Some of them most likely threw away or lost a few Mickey Mantle rookie cards. Ouch!

Ahhhh the 1982 Topps Cal Ripken, Jr rookie card. Brings back tons of great memories for me. Let me take you back in time, if you don't mind.

It was the summer of 1982 and I was a 15 year old kid living in Northern California. I am at the Solano mall in Fairfield, California. Most of my friends were at the "Mine Shaft" arcade. But I wasn't. I was on the second level of the mall at Kay-Bee Toys looking through tons of cello packs of 1982 Topps baseball cards.

I remember how excited I got when I would see the three player rookie cards that I was looking for. Kent Hrbek, Steve Sax and of course Cal Ripken rookie cards. This is what is so special about collecting sports cards. They bring back so many memories. You remember where you were at and what you were doing when you see a card from the past. In my case, the 1982 Topps Cal Ripken, Jr rookie card is definately one of those cards.

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A look at the top rookie sports cards to collect. Albert Pujols, Ichiro, LeBron James and Joe Mauer rookie cards are solid investments.